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The best colors to wear for a Photo Shoot

February 18, 2021

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Color is SO important to consider when picking out your outfits for your photo shoot. I always encourage my clients to wear neutrals and earthy tones because that's what works best with my style AND looks best on you. Also, another really important thing to remember is that neutrals are timeless.

That may seem silly BUT think about it...hopefully, you were drawn to my work for a reason, right? (I hope so haha) Well, my "style" is a combination of things! My editing and directing style is best complimented by the vibe and colors styled in each session. I.e. neons don't work well with the outdoor, neutral vibes you see.

Colors should be used to COMPLEMENT your surroundings. You don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb wherever we're shooting at.

Typically, wearing muted tones works in nearly every type of location, and I especially recommend wearing these colors if we will be shooting primarily in a "naturey" setting. 

Great colors to consider would be: white, black, tan, natural blues, mustard yellows, subtle greens, gray, rust, pastels.

Colors to avoid: neon, primary colors, deep reds, purple, orange, bright pinks.



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